Who We Are

Clear Cannabis Inc. licenses intellectual property related to The Clear™ and other industry-leading cannabis brands.

We also provide hardware, packaging, training, standard operating procedures, quality control methodology, agency sales, marketing, merchandising, product R&D and leasing services to licensee partners in many cannabis-legal states. CCI is not directly involved in the manufacture, sale or distribution of products containing THC.

What We Do

Save yourself the time and expense of building your own brand by licensing one or more of our industry-leading brands.

Maximize cashflow and profitability with our proven processes for hardware acquisition, packaging, SOPs, QC, sales, marketing, merchandising & R&D.

Affordable & Effective Training
Train your staff to ensure they're compliant with laws and regulations, know and conform to your policies, and maximize their performance and effectiveness.

Scientist experimenting cannabis

Financing the equipment you need to start up and grow can be expensive - but that's where we can help.


Our Brands

The Clear™ product suite represents a series of proprietary formulations used in connection with the manufacturing of marijuana and hemp-based CBD products.

The Clear™

The Clear™ is a 100% solvent-free and pesticide-free cannabis concentrate that is unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavor.

The Clear™ CBD

The Clear™ CBD products are 100% solvent- and pesticide-free and are sold at hundreds of locations nationwide. They are available in a variety of flavors to provide a satisfying CBD experience.

Cannabis Industry

Founded by a team of industry professionals, Cannabis Industry Institute provides online and onsite training internationally, as well as custom training development tailored to your business needs & processes.


Clear Cannabis Inc. is a part of the Cliintel Capital Management family of companies. Cliintel Capital Management Group is an investment firm focused on the exploding cannabis industry worldwide.

For investment information please contact Rick Batenburg, Chief Investment Officer: rbatenburg3@cliintel.com or (720) 490-4861

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