Larger Cartridges, Live Resin, and Infused Pre-Rolls from The Clear for the OK Market

DENVER, CO – June 7, 2022 – The Clear, a national cannabis brand, expands its reach in the Oklahoma cannabis market with new products to delight consumers and patients.

Clear Cannabis, Inc.(CCI), the national licensor of The Clear, has worked with industry leading manufacturing supply sources to develop larger cartridge capacities. The new product offerings include a 2000mg Elite cartridge – 2 times the volume of the largest current Elite cartridge.

The new cartridge hosts several upgrades including cutting-edge hardware that provides the consumer with improved performance, enhanced flavor, and the ability to offer a longer lasting, consistent vape experience.  The 2000mg cartridges will be filled with The Clear premium Elite distillate, with a starting potency of well over 85% cannabinoids.

Two other exciting new products being released in Oklahoma include ENDO by The Clear, locally crafted full-spectrum enhanced high-terpene live resin.  ENDO will be available initially in 1,000mg cartridges. TWAX and TWAX Minis infused pre-rolled joints are known best for an all-natural smooth burn made possible with fresh flower, dye-free papers, and AAA grade cannabis distillate. All products will be offered with The Clear’s award-winning flavors.

The Clear was the first cannabis company to introduce the molecular distillation process to the cannabis industry in 2013. Clear Cannabis, Inc. is focused on growing its portfolio of products that allow consumers to choose their preferred consumption format. Offering The Clear infused pre-rolls, live resin, and larger cartridges is a step in that direction.

“The opportunity to expand offerings and provide value and support to our consumers and partners alike is the type of innovation that we expect” said Seth Wiggins, President of CCI.

CCI and Stash House Distribution, their exclusive Oklahoma licensee partner will release their new products at select dispensaries. The 2000mg Elite cartridge is available in the OK market as of May 2022 and ENDO and TWAX will launch in late June 2022.

“At Stash House, we listen to the market, and both patients and dispensaries have overwhelmingly echoed the need to further develop the vape scene in Oklahoma,” said Trevin Hoffman, National Sales Director of Stash House Distribution.

“Our friends at The Clear heard our feedback to create one of Oklahoma’s first 2-gram vape cartridges. Utilizing award winning flavors with the best AAA Grade oil, and only the highest quality hardware, we have expanded the cartridge volume to twice the average in the market today,” relays Hoffman. “Patients will now be able to use their favorite vape for longer and at a better price. We look forward to releasing more exciting Clear products as the year progresses.”


About Clear Cannabis, Inc.
The Clear™ is one of the original cannabis brands. The brand was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market and in the process reinvented the cannabis industry. As a national cannabis brand and licensor of The Clear™, Clear Cannabis, Inc. products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S. The company is focused on product consistency regardless of state, proprietary formulations, product safety, consumer experience, and expanding product lines.

Rebecca Maestas Sincere
Executive Director of Marketing
Clear Cannabis, Inc.