The Clear Dripcees fast-acting gummies will be available in Missouri late-August

DENVER – August, 16, 2022 ­– Legacy national cannabis brand The Clear™ has partnered with COCO Labs – Missouri’s premier medicinal marijuana manufacturer to produce a new line of cannabis gummy edibles called Dripcees™ available in stores across the state in late August.

“COCO Labs is honored to be the first manufacturer of the Dripcees brand” says Craig Smith, Partner & CIO of COCO Labs. “We are proud to utilize our state-of-the-art facility in the development and expansion of The Clear and COCO’s product line. Dripcees are expertly crafted to keep the consumer in mind with health and wellness at the forefront. Customizable dosing and inclusion of minor cannabinoids give the consumer peace of mind for medicating and effects.”

From the company that brings you The Clear’s industry-leading vape and infused pre-roll products, Dripcees by The Clear are fast-acting, vegan gummies for the modern cannabis consumer. Dripcees Gummies are infused using premium distillate and enriched with specific ratios of cannabinoids designed to provide unique experiences.

Each piece is scored with lines to help consumers split it by hand into as many as four smaller pieces for microdoses. Dripcees are produced in the shape of The Clear’s iconic Drip-C logo and come in three delicious, all-natural flavors, with more great flavors to come. These current flavors include Dripcees Tropical Coconut ‘Enjoy’, THC only gummies, Peaches N’ Cream ‘Sleep’ gummies with THC, CBN and CBD, and Strawberry Watermelon ‘Recover’ gummies with THC and CBG.

Dripcees also use a special cannabinoid delivery system designed to improve how your body absorbs cannabinoids that makes them fast-acting – effects can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. This unique proprietary cannabinoid-delivery technology is Lipid In-vivo Transport (LIT) – one of The Clear’s fast-acting and bioavailability increasing infusions.

“Missouri is a rapidly developing market in the cannabis space” says Seth Wiggins, Chief Business Officer, Clear Cannabis Inc. (CCI). “A new gummy line from a national brand like The Clear will offer consumers a unique experience incorporating popular minor cannabinoids, a fast-acting delivery system and complemented by what we excel at – amazing flavors.”

Dripcees Gummies are expected to be available at retail stores the week of August 22nd statewide including in central Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis, starting at COCO dispensaries.

About Clear Cannabis, Inc.
The Clear™ is one of the original cannabis brands. The brand was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market and in the process reinvented the cannabis industry. As a national cannabis brand and licensor of The Clear™, Clear Cannabis, Inc. products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S. The company is focused on product consistency regardless of state, proprietary formulations, product safety, consumer experience, and expanding product lines.

Rebecca Maestas Sincere
Executive Director of Marketing
Clear Cannabis Inc.


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