DENVER – September 1, 2022 ­– The Clear™, a legacy cannabis brand that produces outstanding cannabis products with portfolio expansion in several states, received more industry recognition nationwide in 2022. The Clear products are now available in nine states with more on the way including Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Missouri, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma.

“We are honored and proud to be acknowledged by some of the nation’s most trustworthy and reputable cannabis competitions in Colorado, Las Vegas, and Michigan,” said Rebecca Maestas Sincere, Clear Cannabis, Inc.’s Vice President of Marketing. “These awards are a true testament to our expanding product lines that show they are high-quality, consistent, and potent.”

The complete list of awards and categories is available on The Clear’s website. A few of the notable competitions and recognitions with nods to recently launched brands like TWAX and Endo include:

In late March, The Clear earned industry recognition in Rooster Magazine’s annual THC Classic, a cannabis competition in Colorado. The star of the show was The Clear cartridge in Lime Sorbet, a Sativa-influenced flavor from The Clear’s signature Elite line with first place in the Flavored Vape category.

TWAX, an infused pre-roll line that was launched by The Clear in 2021, with TWAX mini pre-rolls that launched in 2022, also received recognition. TWAX Blueberry, a premium distillate-infused pre-rolled joint with all-natural flavor innovated by The Clear, received second place in the Infused Pre-Roll category for the 10th annual THC Championship 2022.

The Clear’s Endo line, an enhanced live resin vape cartridge, was launched last April. Endo Blueberry, a unique craft concentrate with an all-natural sweet blueberry dessert flavor, won third place in the Hydrocarbon Vape category in the Rooster 710 Showdown 2022.

The Clear placed again in the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards this year, earning second place in the Disposable THC Dominant Vape category for their signature Elite Lobster Butter oil – a nod to a brand staple since inception.

The Clear was also awarded in the High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice 2022 competitions in Michigan and Colorado. The Clear’s Elite Lime Sorbet cartridge took third place in the Distillate Vape Pen category in the Cannabis Cup Colorado and Elite Grapevine took third place in the Distillate Vape Pen category in the Cannabis Cup Michigan – wins judged by consumers in the states.

With new product categories in appealing new flavors such as The Clear’s Dripcees fast-acting vegan gummies that just launched in August, more industry recognition for superb current products and upcoming exciting new products is expected.

About Clear Cannabis, Inc.
The Clear™ is one of the original cannabis brands. The brand was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market and in the process reinvented the cannabis industry. As a national cannabis brand and licensor of The Clear™, Clear Cannabis, Inc. products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S. The company is focused on product consistency regardless of state, proprietary formulations, product safety, consumer experience, and expanding product lines.

Rebecca Maestas Sincere
Executive Director of Marketing
Clear Cannabis Inc.