With a decade of national cannabis brand success, The Clear is leading the charge for innovation by utilizing the world’s first automated pre-roll machine that does not require a pre-made cone

DENVER — (Nov. 15, 2022) — The Clear™, a legacy national cannabis brand of innovative distilled concentrate products, will exhibit and celebrate its 10th anniversary and the expansion into its 10th state at MJBizCon from Nov. 15 through 18 in Las Vegas. In collaboration with pre-roll manufacturing and technology company RollPros Inc., The Clear will demonstrate a new cannabis innovation, Blackbird, the world’s first fully automated “hand-roll” machine.

“Over the last decade, our unwavering commitment to product consistency, product safety, technological advancement and consumer experience established the foundation to support our brand’s expansion across 10 states. Our next launch will be Mississippi — a feat we’re extremely proud of,” said Richard Batenburg Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Clear Cannabis Inc. licensor of The Clear brand. “To properly expand, scale and provide our loyal customers with the same great products — regardless of where they’re located — we’ve implemented the innovative Blackbird machine to dramatically increase throughput for our premium TWAX hand-roll-style joints.”

Specifically designed to tackle the quality, consistency and labor challenges associated with manufacturing cannabis pre-rolls, the Blackbird Rolling System uses TruRoll™ technology, gravity and volumetric filling to produce over 750 consistent, uniform and rolled pre-rolls per hour. A pioneer of the Blackbird Rolling System, with over 60 Blackbirds currently in the market, The Clear is one of the first major brands to utilize this technology to support its state expansion goals by delivering high-quality, rolled prerolls that only the Blackbird can produce.

“We’re honored to showcase our Blackbird technology alongside The Clear as two joined entities entering new cannabis markets at the forefront of innovation,” said Tyler Vaughan, Director of Sales & Marketing at RollPros. “Our Blackbird TruRoll technology–which can roll two precise TWAX joints every 9 seconds–is uniquely equipped to continue The Clear’s business initiative of providing consistent quality across state lines and consumption formats.”

The multistate cannabis brand will also demonstrate proprietary automated vape cartridge-filling and capping technology from cannabis engineering and development company Detroit Dispensing Solutions. The CFS-1800 vape cartridge filling machine employs an industrial-grade robot to fill cartridges, pods and disposables with speed, precision and reliability at high capacities while maintaining the lowest dispensing temperatures in the industry.

“Like The Clear, our company will commemorate a major accomplishment at MJBizCon — and we look forward to sharing this impactful moment with their team,” said Chris Joseph, CEO of Detroit Dispensing Solutions. “At the conference, our company will celebrate our technology’s 10 millionth cartridge filling since inception, thus showcasing the advancements we’ve made over the last 10 years of designing and engineering production equipment for the cannabis industry.”

Ranked No. 2 cannabis concentrate brand in Colorado, the most competitive cannabis market in the world, by BDSA, The Clear’s growing portfolio of consumption formats and proprietary manufacturing processes ensures its customer base receives the highest-quality cannabis in its new state, Mississippi, as well as nine other states throughout the country. 

The Clear line, which includes vape cartridges, infused, hand-rolled joints, and microdose gummy products, is available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma (availability of various products by state and retailer). The national cannabis leader has plans to roll out additional consumption formats and expand into emerging markets throughout the east coast in 2023.

For more information about the world’s first and original distilled cannabis product and all of The Clear’s consumption formats, visit clearconcentrate.com.

About The Clear™ 
The Clear™ is one of the world’s first commercially produced cannabis brands. Founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who reinvented the cannabis industry by introducing molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market, the award-winning cannabis brand prioritizes product consistency, proprietary formulations, product safety and consumer experience – regardless of state. A national licensee of Clear Cannabis Inc., The Clear™ products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S., including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma. For more information about the first and original distilled cannabis brand, visit clearconcentrate.com.

About RollPros Inc.
RollPros Inc. (“RollPros”), based in Vancouver, Washington, is an innovator in cannabis pre-roll manufacturing and technology rooted in thoughtful, design-led solutions. RollPros’ Blackbird Rolling System helps pre-roll manufacturers leverage industry-born automation and technology to create products loved by customers through the world’s only true cannabis rolling machine. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and old-school service encompass how RollPros is dedicated to exceeding cannabis pre-roll expectations, from manufacturer to consumer, today and tomorrow. More information is available at rollpros.com.

About Detroit Dispensing Solutions
Detroit Dispensing Solutions is redefining the industry’s automated, vape cartridge-filling capabilities. Designed and built from the ground up with high-quality parts, the company’s solutions are created for high-capacity filling with exceptional reliability and performance. Detroit Dispensing Solutions develops efficient, streamlined and convenient dispensing machinery that turns the power of intelligent automation into a catalyst for customer transformation. For more information, visit detroitdispensingsolutions.com.


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