Father and son investment and management team to be featured in project from Emmy® Award Winning executive producer of Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars and more than 60 other films and television series.

DENVER, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Richard Batenburg Jr. and Rick Batenburg — a father and son entrepreneurial team who serve as chief executive officer and secretary of the board, respectively, of Clear Cannabis, Inc. – will be featured in the upcoming television series High Science.

The programs will be produced by a team including David McKillop, winner of two Primetime Emmy Awards and the creator of several iconic shows. He is one of a select group of executives to successfully lead and program several international cable television networks. McKillop  served as general manager at A&E® and was the executive producer of Duck Dynasty, U.S. cable’s most-watched non-fiction TV series of all time. He also produced critically acclaimed series Bates Motel, Longmire and Storage Wars. While head of the History® Channel, McKillop also developed top series such as Pawn StarsIce Road TruckersAmerican Pickers, Ax Men and Swamp People

McKillop’s latest project, High Science, will feature pioneers of the cannabis industry, including both Richard Batenburg Jr., who has founded, owned and operated businesses across different industries, and Rick Batenburg, who has spent his career in venture capital and investment banking. Together, the pair provide business acumen, capital strategy and corporate governance to growth oriented cannabis companies around the nation, including Bonsai Cultivation and Clear Cannabis Inc.’s legacy brand, The Clear™.

“We’re fortunate to be able to watch a multi-billion dollar industry — cannabis — launch and grow right before our eyes. Our team is excited to capture the stories of this nascent industry as it happens and preserve this history for generations to come,” said McKillop.

High Science will profile pioneers of the cannabis industry ranging from owners of mom-and-pop shops to celebrities and Wall Street players shaping the emerging legal cannabis markets. It will include all the legends, controversy and drama that are coming with the global green rush of a still nascent legal cannabis industry. The Batenburgs – who founded and manage investment firm Cliintel Capital, a key investor in Clear Cannabis Inc. – have been cast for five seasons with eight episodes each.

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The Clear™ is one of the original cannabis brands. The brand was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market and in the process reinvented the cannabis vape category. As a national cannabis brand and licensor of The Clear™, Clear Cannabis, Inc. products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S. The company is focused on product consistency regardless of state, proprietary formulations, product safety, consumer experience, and expanding product lines. For more information, visit clearconcentrate.com/.

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