Celebrate National CBD Day With All These Very Chill Sales

As cannabis legalization spreads across America, THC is moving aside to make room for fellow cannabinoid CBD. CBD won’t get you high, but there’s so much else it does. It’s used to treat anxiety and insomnia. People also swear it has pain-relieving effects. Its anti-inflammatory properties have prompted many beauty brands to add it to their products, and of course, you can always hit your CBD vape for stress relief.

You likely didn’t get the day off for National CBD Day, which is August 8, but you can still take advantage of the sales — and there are a lot of them, including beverages, tinctures, and skin care. We rounded up 11 CBD products on sale for the holiday, including an offer which gets you a free vape pen.

1. Sunday Scaries

The Deal: You know when you wake up on Sunday, filled with unnecessary anxiety about the night before you and looming dread for Monday? This Allure-approved CBD brand is here to help. Sunday Scaries is offering an exclusive offer of 30 percent off with the code ALLURE30.

The discount is sitewide, so stock up on gummies, tinctures, and even “unicorn jerky.” Sunday Scaries gets all its full-spectrum CBD oil from a family-owned farm in Colorado and is pesticide-free.

2. Good Day CBD Beverages

The Deal: Once upon a time people only consumed CBD through smoking weed. While we’re not hating on that, it’s pretty rad that today we can enjoy CBD alone without the psychoactive effects of getting high, as sometimes we have to keep our head on straight. What’s more? You can also drink it.

Get 15 milligrams of the healing cannabinoid in Good Day CBD Beverages. This drink includes cold brew coffee, citrus sparkling water, and chamomile herbal tea. The CBD in this beverage is derived from hemp in Colorado, and it’s 20 percent off on National CBD Day with the code CBDDAY20.

3. Goldleaf CBD Jotter

The Deal: One of the trickiest parts of enjoying cannabis (and CBD) is finding the right product that works for you. Different brains and bodies need different dosages. Some of us may desire CBD in our beauty products, while others prefer a vape to puff on. What method of consumption is best for you? Experimenting is part of the fun.

With Goldleaf’s CBD Jotter, you can keep track of your experiences to learn what’s best for you. From August 8 to 11, get 20 percent off entire store with the code CBDDAY19.

4. New Highs CBD

The Deal: Between August 8 and August 12, luxury CBD brand New Highs is offering a 15 percent off online sale with code NEWHIGHSDAY. The premiere hemp CBD tinctures are made with Oregon-grown hemp and coconut oil. The brand is full-spectrum, meaning that rather than just isolate the CBD compounds in the plant, New Highs keeps the green richness of the entire plant which research suggests helps the CBD work better due to a process known as the “entourage effect.”

Add a few drops of New Highs under your tongue or in your favorite drink to unwind without psychoactive effects.