Clear Cannabis, Inc. Opens Round of Private Funding with Boustead Securities, LLC.

Colorado-based Clear Cannabis, Inc. opens a $10 million crossover round of private funding with an investment bank

Clear Cannabis, Inc. (CCI), leading cannabis distribution and infrastructure company in legal marijuana states, today announced it will be opening a crossover round of funding with Boustead Securities, LLC. The $10 million dollar raise is aimed to help CCI elevate brands and expand operations.

“Our mission is supporting cannabis entrepreneurs in securing licenses, optimizing facility design and standardizing operations to transform and maximize business development,” John Cushman, CEO for Clear Cannabis, Inc. said. “This new investment validates Clear Cannabis, Inc.’s position as a leader in the cannabis market and potentially allows us to take an aggressive growth and acquisition stance that will fuel our ability to enter emerging markets and expand our CBD product line.”

“We are excited to work with Clear Cannabis, Inc. to open this crossover round of funding,” Karen Ard, Investment Banker at Boustead Securities, LLC. said. “This round of funding should help Clear Cannabis, Inc. expand to more markets and help establish the company as a leader in cannabis branding, licensing and business development.”

With the new round of funding, CCI will aim to continue to support the infrastructure and the development of brands in the seven states where The Clear™ is currently sold, as well as the numerous other states where The Clear CBD™ is sold. Increased funding is also expected to fuel CCI’s expansion to new markets as more states allow legal adult use cannabis. As the cannabis industry grows, CCI is positioning itself to lead the market in multi-state branding and acquiring cannabis brands that create emotional connections with consumers.

About Clear Cannabis, Inc.

Clear Cannabis, Inc. is the international master licensor of “The Clear Concentrate” and the Clear family of products. The Clear™ was created as a consolidation from Cannabis Venture Capital firm Cliintel Capital Management Group, LLC . The consolidation included the portfolios of seven cannabis-related companies and corresponding intellectual property assets: The Clear™ Concentrates, Subtle Escape, Subtle Relief, 5156 Systems, Cannabis Industry Institute, Cliintel, LLC, and BATMANN Consulting, Inc.
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